Valeria is a Zenith caste Solar Exalted.

Valeria is from a war-torn village in the Hundred Kingdoms where she and her younger sister were shunted around within foster care. Her affinity for learning brought her to work for the temple, where she became an acolyte and an expert at healing battle wounds. In recent years the fighting became so bad that she at times had to leave the halls of healing to join the ranks defending the village. A disease broke out, and she was chosen to travel to Nexus to buy a cure, but she Exalted on her way there. The Unconquered Sun cured her village and set her on a mission to help heal the world.

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Name: Valerian Roots-in-Cliffs / Intransigent Life Defiant
Age: 19
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 150lbs
Hair: Long, straight black, but shines golden in the sunlight.
Eyes: Grey

Armor: Lamellar
Weapon: Orichalcum spear, basic longsword at her hip.
Equipment: She carries a selection of medical supplies at all times, in addition to writing materials and some coinage.

Casual attire: Long tunic.
Fancy attire: Long dress, cape, nice boots.
Battle attire: Long tunic, armor, cape, boots.

Personality: Stubborn, proud, and impatient, yet caring and loyal.

Favourite Charms: Harmonious Presence Meditation, Touch of Blissful Release, Wound-Mending Care Technique.

Defining – “Make the world better – it needs healing.”
Defining – “I will prove to the world that Solars are not Anathema.”
Defining – “If anyone is to rule creation, it should be the Solars.”
Major – “Attacks on Innocents are unacceptable.”
Major – “I know what is right.”
Major – “I will fight for my friends’ safety.”
Major – “We must seed change.”
Minor – “My enemies will face me.”
Minor – “Religion is a pillar of society.”

Defining – Rey – Fondness/Protection
Defining – Jorek – Alliance/Friendship
Defining – Speaks-of-Silence – Love
Defining – All Fates Saved – Alliance/Friendship
Major – Warfare – Hatred
Major – Ember – Alliance
Minor – Starlight Dove – Alliance/Respect
Minor – She-Who-Knows-Ten-Thousand-Things – Respect/Admiration/Friendship
Minor – Summer Blaze – Respect/Admiration
Minor – Hometown – Protection
Minor – Sister – Protective

Evocations from Long-Fang: (Paraphrased…)
1m – A light shines from the tip of the spear and points in the direction of whomever is suffering most within a 500 metre radius.

Second Do Harm
10m – In a decisive attack ignore initiative and instead deal damage equal to the number of health levels your target has previously caused a patient you have treated.

10m, 1wp – On a decisive attack that would kill the target, instead do no damage and render the target in a death-like state until such time as the spear is removed.


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