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Warning: Spoilers!

Alvor – Rey was taking care of her father long before she Exalted, and due to a threat made toward him, she has had to take him from their home. Rey recently discovered that the medicine she’d been giving her father for years was, unbeknownst to her, actually an addictive drug that was slowly making his condition worse. Valeria has been weaning him off of it with a placebo, and has begun the process of repairing his scarred lungs before the Solars were forced to leave Nexus.

Daja– A small blob-like creature from the Wyld that led the Circle to his “master”, the Fae known as Illuma. He has the ability to shapeshift, and a strong love of eating anything he can get his hands on, including animals, humans, and Exalted (all of whom he refers to as “carrots”). The last time he was seen, he had just been torn in half by Illuma and was in the process of becoming two separate creatures.

Eau and Yun Kim, disciples of The Vallation – Siblings who traveled to Nexus from Valeria’s home town in order to find her – word of her Exaltation had gotten back, and a cult has sprung up around her. They were ready to give up their worldly possessions and even their lives, but Val dissuaded them and instead charged them with keeping her apprised of the village’s situation.

Ember, of house Mnemon – Summer Blaze’s older brother, also a Fire-aspect Terrestrial Exalt. Though the Circle first believed Ember to be a true believer in the Immaculate Faith, he has turned out to be quite the opposite, and fights passionately alongside the Solars and his sister, Summer Blaze. Has entered a romance with Rey and is a one of the core members of the Circle.
Known Intimacies:
Defining principle- “The Empire is fundamentally flawed.”
Defining principle- “I believe my mother was right about the Solar Exalted.”
Defining principle- “The Solar Exalted must rule Creation if they can improve life for all.”

Entropy – The chosen of Discord: green-haired, drawling, and armed with an artifact firewand. Was employed by Exquisite Tide, but, in keeping with his mercurial nature, had struck out on his own. He was revealed to be the true creator of a mysterious disease threatening Nexus, and was killed when his firewand Betty, exploded during a fight with Valeria and Three Fates Shadow.
Known Intimacies:
Defining principle- “I will bring it all down.”

Eyes Alight – A Chosen of the Maiden of Secrets, Eyes Alight is a petite, bookish Sidereal Exalted who operates the Repository of Secrets in Yu-Shan. Has used the device many times to communicate with Jorek, with whom she has fallen in love, and set out to follow after they met. “I am a Chosen of the Maiden of Secrets, a member of the Gold Faction, I like tea when it is raining, I like to think of myself as an athlete… and I love you.”
Known Intimacies:
Major Tie- Lunars- Camaraderie
Major Tie- Jorek- Attraction

Firma – Ember and Summer Blaze’s mother. Was killed and impersonated by Races-The-Dead in an attempt to take Ember back to the Blessed Isle.
Known Intimacies:
Defining Tie- Ember & Summer Blaze – Pride
Defining Tie- My children – Love
Defining Priciple- “If Creation deserves a leader, it should be the Solar Exalted.”

“Grey”– A man with close-cropped grey hair and no name. Starlight Dove’s husband and Velvet’s father; an Exigent, a “Chosen of the Forgotten”. He gave Valeria the ability to make one person forget something as a parting gift.
Known Intimacies:
Major Principle- “I will support my wife any way I can.”

Illuma – An ethereal creature of otherworldly beauty that the Circle met in the Wyld. Being bound by oaths and agreements, she offered a map of an entrance to Yu-Shan to the Solars in exchange for being able to feed on their lust, despair, and restraint. She also professes to find entertainment in the “rise and fall of a civilization”, and made no secret of her belief that the Solars do not have what it takes to succeed.
Known Intimacies:
Would become a true ally of the Solars for- A village of enslaved mortals OR a sworn oath that all Solars would defend the Wyld from intrusion and invasion

Infinite Dirge for Shattered Oaths from Silent Struggle – An Abyssal Exalt hell-bent on finding the fifth member of his circle, Three Fates Shadow, for whom he has an unrequited love. He led an expedition to destroy Nexus, killing the Guild’s Council of Nine, and then stole Crest Exultant’s airship, taking its crew hostage. In a fight with Rey, he was knocked unconscious and killed when he was thrown overboard to be used as a landing pad by Sanguine, the one other Abyssal Exalt he led (the others having been killed by Valeria and Three Fates Shadow).
Known Intimacies:
Defining tie- Three Fates Shadow – Unrequited Love

KannaA small-time pit fighting promoter, who hunted down Rey for a fight, and then used proceeds from her success to expand his fighting pit. They made a deal to have him set up fights for her in order to get her to the “Centre Circle”, while taking 15% of the proceeds to pay for her access to the Golden Tigers, and another 15% for himself. After organizing a huge fight between Ember and Rey, he was killed by assailants unknown and left in a cart in the arena.
Known Intimacies:
Defining Principle- “I will rise to the elite.”
Major Principle- “My face is my best feature.”
Major Tie- Rey – Protectiveness

Klem – An old woman who takes care of the sewers, rivers, and waterways beneath Nexus. She has provided the Circle with information and safe passage on a number of occasions, and has been discovered to be the god of the large river underneath the city. Klem has a fondness for goat and for her husband (the god of the city of Nexus), as well as a filthy tongue.
Known Intimacies:
Defining principle- “I am the river.”

Pearl – A Solar Twilight caste and stranger to Nexus, Pearl sought to eliminate the elite of the city with a mysterious disease to pave the way for a revolution. Briefly an ally of Tepet Exquisite Tide and Entropy, he was killed by Tide when she decided he and his disease had gotten out of hand.
Known Intimacies:
Defining principle- “The meek shall inherit Creation.”
Defining principle- “I am the meekest of all.”
Major tie- Entropy – Trust

Quiet Word – An extremely wealthy merchant living in Chiaroscuro, Quiet Word has only one rule: if people want to use his grounds, he needs to vet them first. This rule hides the fact that he is, in fact, a Twilight Caste Solar Exalted. He was shocked and enraged to discover that the girl he had been raising as his daughter all these years, Sola, was in fact Jorek’s biological daughter. Quiet Word was beheaded by Velvet in his home as he lay unconscious.
Known Intimacies:
Defining principle- “I will help others, but only in my own way.”
Major principle- “I abhor the current state of Creation.”
Major tie- Dragon-Blooded – Severe Mistrust

Races-The-Dead – Speaks-of-Silence’s lunar companion who appeared to the Solars in order to help get them away from the dangers of Nexus. Was later killed by Rey in a blind rage, having impersonated Ember’s mother Firma in order to take the Terrestrial back to the Blessed Isle.
Known Intimacies:
Defining Tie- Solar Exalted – Attraction
Defining Tie- Solar Exalted – Mistrust
Major Tie- Ember – Bring him home

Rain-After-Storms – A Fae “queen” currently bound by oath to Tepet Crest Exultant’s airship, powering it in exchange for the opportunity to feed on the sadness of Crest and his crew. Fed on Jorek’s sadness in exchange for a treasure: the orichalcum-lined Smash Fists wielded by Rey! On their flight to Yu-Shan, Jorek once again was the “fuel” for the airship, providing Rain-After-Storms with his despair. He also managed to sell her a cold iron lantern in exchange for a promise to teach him some of her fae magic. Gave Jorek the power to remove negative ties after seduction.

Sanguine Grasp of Gentle Repose– A Dusk caste Abyssal Exalted and the last member of Infinite Dirge’s Circle. The Solars allowed her to leave freely following Dirge’s death, believing her to no longer be a threat. However, she has proven to be quite the opposite and seeked to complete Three Fates Shadow’s murderous mission: one father, one sister, one daughter, one lover. After an altercation in Chiaroscuro that left Jorek blinded in one eye and Heart String destroyed, she was killed by Rey and her own Deathlord master.
Defining principle- “I will destroy all traitors.”

She-Who-Knows-Ten-Thousand-Things: Bookish, knowledgeable, and with a severe dislike of shoes, She-Who-Knows-Ten-Thousand-Things is the Lunar mate of Three Fates Saved (then Three Fates Shadow, now All Fates Saved). She came to Chiaroscuro from the Malahanka library by way of Nexus. She provided the Circle with many insights about their former selves and their relationships, but has since traveled back to the library, anxiously awaiting Three Fates. When the Circle traveled out to the library to reunite her with All Fates Saved, she provided them with knowledge: of the occult, of their past lives, and of the prophecy. She was struck down defending Mahalanka from the other Lunars, although she was firm in the knowledge that she would return to find All Fates Saved again.

Speaks-of-Silence – Found just outside of Nexus in the form of a fox, Speaks-of-Silence is one of Luna’s Chosen, taking on different forms with the goal of “bringing people what they want”. She is a gatherer of information, a persuader of men, a shameless flirt… and a powerful ally. She has escaped captivity many times, and was rescued from the Empress Runner by the Circle. Even though it appeared at first that her Solar mate was Jorek (and it was later revealed to be the Circle’s Twilight), Speaks-of-Silence has developed a very deep relationship with Valeria.

Starlight Dove – A mysterious figure and Chosen of Serenity, she knew the former souls of our main characters, and may have been intimate with Rey’s former self. She has appeared several times to offer them aid, and has vanished just as quickly. She gave her bow, Heart’s String, to Jorek for questioning the assumption that some people are unable to be changed, and provided him with another, Final Beat, when Heart’s String was destroyed. She witnessed the death of her daughter, Velvet, when the latter tried to blame her for the murder of Quiet Word.

Summer Blaze, of house Mnemon – A Fire-aspect Terrestrial Exalt sent to Nexus on her first Wyld Hunt. Though she was completely indoctrinated with the teachings of the Blessed Isle, she had a softer side – she was first seen feeding children in a poor neighbourhood, and didn’t want to hurt innocent bystanders when fighting the Solars. Over time, she started to change her beliefs about the Anathema, and fought loyally with the Solars along with Ember, her brother. She fell to an arrow fired by an Abyssal Exalted while defending the Circle.
Known Intimacies:
Defining principle- “I will follow my brother into the dark.”
Defining principle- “I will be ready for whatever comes for me.”
Defining principle- “I will prove to the world that the Solar Exalted are not Anathema.”

Tai-La, of House Dvorah – Jorek’s ex-lover from Great Forks. Unbeknownst to him, Tai-La gave birth to their daughter, Sola, before she was taken away by Velvet. Was brought to Nexus as a hostage, and was saved by Jorek. Sensing her obsession with him, Jorek promised Tai-La a seat on the new Council of Nexus.
Known Intimacies:
Defining Principle- “Love is a means to an end.”
Defining Principle- “I will do what it takes to ensure my family’s legacy.”
Major Principle- “I can wrap Jorek around my little finger.”

Tepet Crest Exultant – A strong, loyal, and honour-bound airship Captain working for House Tepet. Sent to retrieve Exquisite Tide, he became an ally of the Solars after they offered to search for his husband, “taken prisoner” by a merchant prince in Chiaroscuro, to the south. He came to Chiaroscuro for a short vacation with his husband shortly before Tepet Flow Exultant (actually Velvet in disguise) was killed. His despair over his husband has turned to rebellion as he pledged his airship and crew to the Solars’ cause.

Tepet Deep Fury – A powerful leader, Tepet Deep Fury has been working for 30 years to annex the city-state of Nexus into the Scarlet Empire. Since the Empress vanished, she continued, hoping to bring Nexus under the banner of House Tepet. An absolute terror, Tepet Deep Fury twisted the Solars’ victories to her purpose, claiming to be their representative. She held some of the Solars’ loved ones hostage to secure their loyalty, but was killed when she went a step too far. Although she claimed to be Rey and Exquisite Tide’s mother, that woman is known as Tepet Final Rush.
Known Intimacies:
Defining Principle- “I will protect the people despite themselves.”
Defining Principle- “I will restore the Empress to the throne.”
Defining Principle- “Love is a weakness.”
Major Principle- “Exquisite Tide is proof that I get what I want if I put my mind to it.”
Major Tie- Rey – Motherly Love
Minor Tie- Alvor – Affection

Tepet Exquisite Tide – A Dragon-Blooded Exalt from the Blessed Isle, Tepet Exquisite Tide has been married to Ember (arranged by their families) for three years. She followed him to Nexus, discovered his shifted allegiance and has threatened to return with allies to fight them. She has almost killed Ember, and was almost killed herself by the Solars before being revealed as addicted to a certain red crystalline drug, the cause of her cruelty and rage. She has been in great emotional distress because of this, but the Solars were able to give her life new meaning in opposing the Immaculate Order. Released from her imprisonment by Valeria, Exquisite Tide has ventured north and east while the Solars head south. Upon her return to Nexus, she fought at the Solars’ side against the Deathlord, and stepped in to reclaim control of Nexus on behalf of the Circle when her “mother”, Tepet Deep Fury, was killed.
Known Intimacies:
Defining Principle- “The Immaculate Order is wrong about the Solar Exalted.”
Major Principle- “I will be the one who gives commands.”
Major Principle- “I will prove myself even to those who doubt me most.”
Major Tie- Ember – Blind devotion
Minor Tie- Valeria – Awe (instilled by Jorek)
Minor Tie- Rey – Distrust

Three Fates Shadow/All Fates Saved– Deathly pale, eerily beautiful, and missing parts of her past, Three Fates Shadow is obsessed with death. She used to be a Chosen of the Unconquered Sun, a Night Caste, but after death has come back to Creation as an Abyssal Exalted. She was being hunted by four other Abyssals and was briefly captured by Tepet Exquisite Tide. She is now in the Circle’s company, fighting for and protecting Valeria in particular. On the voyage to Chiaroscuro, she revealed her “final mission”, given to her by her Deathlord in order to hurt her former Circlemates: she was to kill “one sister, one father, one lover, and one daughter”. She was unable to kill any of her targets and is now apprehensive about her Deathlord coming for her. Is bound to the Lunar, She-Who-Knows-Ten-Thousand-Things, and very recently renounced her Abyssal nature, re-Exalting as a Night Caste. Was recently reunited with her Lunar mate in Mahalanka.
Major Tie- Infinite Dirge for Shattered Oaths from Silent Struggle- Revulsion
Major Tie- Her Appearance- Shame

Velvet– A mysterious figure with malicious intentions, Velvet is an Exalt that was traveling with the army of Gem for the past year, searching for Exalted to recruit. She followed the Solars to Nexus, where she told Rey after her big fight against Ember that she is a Sidereal Exalted, one of the Gold Faction. She claims Starlight Dove has been misleading them, and is actually undermining them as a member of the Bronze Faction. She was apparently killed by a spell cast by an unknown sorcerer; shredded by a Thousand Obsidian Butterflies. She “resurfaced” in Chiaroscuro, as she also takes the form of Tepet Flow Exultant, Crest’s husband. Continuing to attempt to undermine the Solars’ trust in Starlight Dove, she murdered Quiet Word and blamed it on her mother. Her true intentions as a member of the Bronze Faction uncovered, she was executed by the Solars.
Known Intimacies:
Defining Principle- “I will ensure the Solar Exalted do not escape their jade prison.”
Major Principle- “I will free the Lunars from their bonds.”

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