Bonus Content

March 5, 2017: In times of trouble you have to turn to deep thoughts once again.
February 19, 2017: It’s sometimes hard, but you can’t avoid a goodbye forever.
January 29, 2017: We can’t forget about the little people.
January 15, 2017: Somewhere not far.
December 25, 2016: A battle of wits amidst a battle in the skies, below decks.
October 9, 2016: Deep thoughts can always help bring perspective.
September 25, 2016: Three stories from our protagonists’ pasts, written by their players:
                  The Lord, by Scott Humphrey, about Jorek’s beginnings as a master of negotiation;
                  The Switch, by Liz Neale, detailing Rey’s first pit fight;
                  Crushed Hope, by Kate Hagemeyer, a look into the horrors of war in Valeria’s hometown. (Warning: sexual assault)
September 18, 2016: Starlight Dove watches the Circle leave from inside the Fox Cave.
September 4, 2016: Some time ago, a common labourer is given an opportunity for not-so-special work.
August 7, 2016: Outside Nexus, two travellers discuss a mission.
July 24, 2016: Summer Blaze sees Jorek in trouble and makes her way to rescue him.
July 10, 2016: The second night Jorek spends with Heart’s String.
June 12, 2016: The whereabouts of a missing NPC are revealed to be Below Ground.
May 15, 2016: Catch a glimpse into the story of one of our mysterious NPCs in Decades Ago.
April 17, 2016: A letter was delivered to an apartment in Blue Sky.